17 September 2006

On the annals of reactionary stupidity.

So, the Pope, Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church, quotes a Byzantine Emperor who's been dead since the days we thought the Earth was flat and carried on the backs of elephants hitching a ride on a turtle swimming through space, and a few twats over in Gaza think "Hey, let's go bomb and burn some of our fellow Arabs!"

How can you argue with that logic?

Well, here's how: First of all, I'd like to ask those stupid, demented, irresponsible fuckwits responsible for those attacks something: How, in the name of the cottage cheese you have for brains does attacking your fellow Palestinians, be they Christian, Muslim, Athiest, Pagan or Norse, in any way:

1-Help you convince those biased idiots who think Islam is a death cult that they're wrong?
2-Convince the Pope that he was wrong?
3-Relieve the inter-faith tension?
4-Help anyone's cause, except perhaps the Israelis, who are now slapping their knees and laughing at the fact that as long the Palestinians are fighting internally, they'll wipe each other out?

Please...someone...anyone....tell me how the Catholic Pontiff's (wanker though he may be), translated into attacks on Orthodox churches? How's this different from those skinhead idiots in Europe and the States attacking Sunnis and Shias indiscriminantly because of their hatred towards some Muslim somehwere?

People! Get a fucking grip! Life's too short to start burning and acting like brainless thugs every time some idiot says something stupid or takes a quote out of context ( I haven't read the text of the Pope's speech. Has anybody? Has anybody bothered to find out the context of it, or has all this been sparked by the usual sensationalist media that likes to make mountains out of molehills?)

The Arab world has been an oasis of interfaith tolerance for a very long time. Why are we now moving towards such suspicion against each other? What has changed? We are all people, sharing the same land, Muslim and Christian, as we have been for many centuries. Why all the hatred? Do we want anything more than to survive in a tolerant society?

Chill out, talk and LISTEN to each other.

We are more alike than any of us think.

Conflict, especially internicine struggle, is not the answer. It's easy to lash out and not think. It's easy for silly things to escalate into troubles that will reap innocent lives.

Don't let that happen here.

We have enough to worry about.


Anonymous said...

Great point about the Pope quoting a Byzantine Emperor who lived during a time when people were not aware the Earth was flat.

I expect Muslims to STFU any time now and stop quoting the Qur'an for the exact same reason.

Dalia said...

Hello Fedaykin,

I just came across your blog, and this entry of yours reminded me of a beautifully balanced "response" to all the insanity sparked by the Pope's speech, it's a 27 minute videocast by sheikh Hamza Yusuf of the Zeitouna Institute in Californa. He really is an intellectual. You might be interested in seeing it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onX9kGF3uYs

I think it's worth watching. The title is a tongue-in-cheek "Broadening the Scope of the Pope"

Hopefully, everyone will wise up and stop the madness.