03 October 2006

I want to invent a new word: israeli, adj

israeli, adj and adv:
1-Describing an act, usually in a political, moral, or conflict context, of extreme hypocricy

2- Utterly devoid of any morality.

E.g. The French operation that resulted in the sinking of the Greenpeace boat "Rainbow Warrior" was an act of israeli impudence.

-I can run you over with my car on purpose and claim you threw yourself onto it; urgo, I am israeli bad.


It has struck me over the years how extremely hypocritical, devoid of morals, and downright rude Israeli political attitude is. It makes no apologies about this fact, but acts as if no matter what it justifies is always justified. I would compare Israeli political rhetoric to a thug with a bloody knife stabbing an old woman in a wheel chair while saying she was a terrorist about to run him over.

Another genius comparison was a cartoon I saw years ago, where an Israeli (israeli?) soldier was stending over the bodies of a dead dove and a Palestinian boy still holding an olive branch, saying "He was threatening me with his big stick and his bird of prey."

Yet, sadly, such is the power of Israeli rhetoric that many people around the world believe it. it's sickening how you can shoot a peace activist in an orange vest in the head, claim they were an armed militant in fatigues and a balaklava, and get away with community service and probably a commendation from a senior officer. Heck, you'd probably go teach at a military academy. Professor of Israeli Army Ethics. Perhaps the Israelis claimed that god had long ago prmised them the words Israeli Army, claim the Ethics were trying to drive them into the sea, and expel them en masse.

Very israeli of them.

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