30 August 2006

COME WATCH A PLAY! Murdering Antigone

Yes folks, it's time to come see a really good piece of theatre in Jordan. My friends and I have come together to give you Murdering Antigone, a re-take of the classic Greek tragedy, heavily re-written, using scripts by Sophocles, Brecht and Anouilh, to create a murder-mystery/courtroom drama the likes of which the Jordanian stage has never seen! So grab your phone, and reserve some tickets (they're only 3JD's!).

The show runs approximately 2 hours, including interval, starting at 7.30 on September 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th at the Haya Cultural Centre, Shmeisani. For more info and reservations, call: 0796463321

Cheers folks! Hope to see you there!


Hanna said...

Hi Yousef,

Good luck with the play. I am sure it will be a smashing hit. I wished that I was in Jordan, I would have come to watch it.

Anonymous said...

I went to see the play with my friends. I got to say i enjoyed it immensely.
Keep up the good work

kinzi said...

As per your request at Lina's blog, here is some feedback.

I really liked, in retrospect more than at the time. I am by nature a very optimistic person, and to be surrounded by so much darkness for so long, with so many options for evil to be manifested so creatively - well, it hurt. Real, emotional pain.

I thought all the acting was very good. I can't imagine memorizing ALL that dialogue. The delivery was so convincing that at one point I wasn't sure I could trust Nick as a real-life editor! Kudos to all the actors (everyone involved, really), it was obviously a serious investment of heart.

I don't know if you intended it it this way, but I was glad to see the veiled references to Saddam Hussein. Having worked with Iraqi refugees from the Iran/Iraq war, the first Gulf War and several years afterward, I was glad to see his facade torn away by the judge. And I loved those Thebians.

What is next? I forgot to sign up for the mailing list: kinzi32@hotmail.com

fear said...

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Fedaykin said...

Hey folks. Thank you very much for the feedback, and please keep it coming.

Kinzi, the references to Saddam are there...in fact, the play's jam-pakced with references to politics in the real world, though they are by no means comments, just reflections. We didn't set out to say this person was a hero or a villain, it's just a representation.

Thanks once more for the feedback, and for more info on our future work, stay posted!

imad said...

Hey is there a website for the theatre group that produced the play?

Fedaykin said...

Yes there is! It's currently under construction, though, so be aware. It's: http://www.nsreporter.com/mothershouldibuildawall

Like I said, it's still under construction. Take care.

gaspar said...

greetings fedaykin...my apologies for taking all this time to respond. I saw the play the first weekend. I loved it. Kreon had me riveted from the get go, and I enjoyed the guard. You could tell the actors who had experience from the actors who had none or were maybe just a bit hammy, but that didnt take away from the over-all effect. I hope to see more work done by this theatre company. btw the link didnt work, any chance of reposting it?

Fedaykin said...

Hey dude. Thanks for the feedback. Here's the link again.