04 January 2006

On tipping in Jordan;

Why is it that certain people I know insist on tipping in restaurants/cafes that already charge for service anyway? Look, this isn't going to turn into one of those Reservoir Dogs conversations. This is a legitimate question: if the service isn't that good, which, let's face it, it very often is not, why should I be bothered to leave a tip?

Case in point: I was out with some friends in Lweibdeh today, at a rather reputable establishment at that. it took them about half an hour to take our food order, then when the food finally showed up about 45 minutes later, they'd got my order wrong, despite my having told the guy taking it twice what i wanted.

So back to the kitchen the food went.

It came back twenty or so minutes later, true to order, but very cold. I assume it's because all they did was switch the contents to another plate and switch the meat between loaves of bread. (I'm not even counting what they might have done to it back there....yeah, I saw Road Trip...)

So, the bill was substantial, and so was the service charge, and someone was about to drop a fiver in as a gratuity. On top of the service charge. And for what? I don't know about you, but that was hardly warranted and by no means deserved.

So, it comes down to this: If you're already forced to tip by the establishment, why should you feel guilted into adding a little something extra for appalling service? Am I too much of a Mr Pink for this very Communist way of thinking? Am I jut a cheap bastard?

I don't make copious amounts of cash, despite the fact that I work a part time job, and three more on a freelance basis. But it's still money, at the end of the day. It means nothing in the long run. The only qualm I have, is spending that money I've worked pretty damn hard to get because I have no choice in the matter.

The End.

Well, this is hardly what I wanted my first post to be about, but i guess it'll suffice for now....the caustic socio-political commentary can wait. Till next time.


Lina said...

I'm glad I'm the first person commenting ;)

You have a very interesting writing style and I really look forward to reading more of what you have to say.

Now as for this post, I couldn't agree more... in most hangouts in Amman, you are charged extra for service, and they probably do this because they don't want to leave it up to people to decide how much to tip ;p anyways, I don't see the point in feeling guilty and obliged to leave some extra cash as well, especially when the concept of service is not clear everywhere :)

Welcome to the blogosphere, and keep on blogging!

Isam Bayazidi said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, and hope you keep blogging.

Fedaykin said...

Hey Lina, Isam. Thanks for the wishes, folks. I hope I can come up with some good stuff soon, and I look forward ot the day I'm on JP.