04 December 2006

Resolutions: People I should physically harm

I've decided to start a series of articles to publish my violent fantasies of retribution against those who trespass against me, my friends, or the bounds of public decency. Henceforth, when I feel the particular desire to let off steam, I can either hurt someone, or write about it.

So, just a quick entry today on the theme of people I should physically harm. Today's entry is about those three twats who wouldn't stop talking during Casino Royale last Wednesday.

Crime: Speaking and making little adolescent arsehole comments throughout the film.

Punishment: Yell out to my friends for back-up and kick each of their heads in, preferably during the performance and in full view of everyone.

1-Remember that I'm much bigger and stronger than the average 7afartali arsehole
2-Forget about pacifist mindset and live by the rule of Nemo me impune lacessit (Let no man fuck with me)
3-Perpetuate the pre-existing cycle of violence in the world to make myself feel better about dispencing Karmic justice on all deservers.

Man, I feel better already.


ola said...

Casino royale sucks, no wonder they were talking! I persoanlly took a phoen call during the movie

Fedaykin said...

Careful lady...plenty of room on that list!

All joking aside, I would have probably thrown your phone across the theatre for that. It has an off switch, you know, so the 300 or so other people who actually want to watch the film aren't disturbed by those who don't.

Hamzeh N. said...

lol, I just remembered what happened when my friends and I went to see "Snakes On A Plane" in the movie theatre.

Throughout the whole movie, the crowd (mostly young people) was going crazy everytime a snake landed a strategic bite on a passenger or when Samuel L. Jackson dropped a smart line. The whole time, we were waiting for the part where Samuel L. Jackson says "I'VE HAD IT WITH THESE MOTHERFUCKIN SNAKES ON THIS MOTHERFUCKIN PLANE!" to see how he finishes that line. The trailers for the movie showed this part, but didn't show how his line ends.

Well, that part of the movie came, and as soon as Samuel L. Jackson angrily said "I'VE HAD IT..", the crowd went nutts!!!

Till this day, my friends and I don't know what the hell he said in the remainder of that line. It sort of ruined the whole movie for us :D

Khalidah said...

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