16 June 2006

The Lamentation

How curious is this world of ours.
How curious is your life.
Twists, turns and otheand myriad surprises,
Love, hate, and outward disguises.
Regrets are many, and the world is uncertain,
All is hidden behind tomorrow's curtain.
Whilst we seek answers for that we should not know,
Seeking, always for what lies beyond our reach.
Regrets abound, choices made in error,
The veil between sanity and tears thin as paper.
For who would fardels bear to grunt and sweat under a weary life,
But that the promise of something after death,
That undiscovered country from whose born no traveller returns,
Puzzles the will, and makes us rather bear those ills we know than fly to others we know not of.
The world is a frightening place, and all we who dwell within it are subjects to its cruel laws
Whilst you may think that you have evaded the fatal arrows,
They find you, sure as the surest lance.
Fear not that which may be, and weep not for what is.
Do not curse your evil luck, but be thankful for the trials that shape you.
When the trials of the world bay at your heels,
When the evil that men do waylays you,
When all hope seems forelorn, and all the evident future is bleak,
Be wise, and fear not. For what have fear and anger ever done to ease your woes?

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