11 February 2006

What's your type?

I got into a somewhat odd conversation with a friend of mine the other week, regarding a certain lady I was interested in. The conversation went a bit weird when my friend commented that:"She's not your type. AT ALL."

Now, that brought up an interesting question: What, exactly, is my type? The myriad women I've been interested in throughout my life are diverse to say the least; For one, they've all been women. That's one unifying factor. But I don't know where else to go....independant thinkers? Not all of them. Most of them, I guess. Free spirits? Again, many of them. So what remains?Intelligence? Well, I guess, but that varies.

So what remains? Some were younger, most were older (with margins varying from a few months to over a decade). Some had long hair, some had short hair; curly, straight, blonde, brown, black, red, tanned, pale, thin, muscular, full-figured...the list of differences is massive....as it would be for most people, I guess.

And that led me to think (a rare occurance, I know): What is the type of person people go for, and how is that different from the sort of person you end up with/wanting to be with?

Does the "type" you usually go for have any bearing on the sort of person you end up falling for? is there really such a thing as a "type"? If the "type" really does exist, what influences it? is it some sort of psychology? A reverse psychology? Do we go for potential mates/partners who follow the Freudian model (yes, I know he was a crackhead), or does this have no bearing whatsoever? And if not, then how do we choose? What are the subconscious elements that affect these choices? Are they choices in the first place, or do we have no control over them?

What makes a person fall in love with one person, then hate someone else who is nearly the same? interesting when you come to think about it. Well, that's been on my mind for a while now, hope you can come up with some answers, dear reader. Till next time!


Roba said...

Interesting question. Personally, I don't believe in "types"- I've had various experiences with men who are very different from each other in "type" although similiar in other aspects.

br1 said...

Respect the brother, man.
Even if Sigismund Freud used the cocaine to relief his pain (the cocaine was not till that time recognized as a painkiller and he was the first to use it in medical terms) he started to use it when he got older and he got mouth cancer. What he did in terms of psychoanalysis and general evolution in terms of psychopathologies treatment, was not done by cocaine effects, so just by that, he deserves other title than a "crackhead".

Ohoud said...

Well I guess there are some sort of basics that would never be overlooked, thought the "package" may vary from the outside and with simple variations...

At least thats how its with me

Fedaykin said...

Well, this is certainly a timely topic! Interesting....
Roba, and Ohoud: you guys seem to have touched a common nerve...I don't know, personally...I do seem to have fallen for women who are polar opposites.

Bruno: As much as I respect the fact that you're standing up for Freud, I do think the guy was seriously off his rocker. No, nobody can deny the fact that his work in psychoanalysis opened whole new worlds in terms of mental health. HOWEVER, the man's obsession with sex and sexuality is, in my opinion, ludicrous. I would like to believe that humans are capable of at least a bit more complexity than just desiring all members of the opposite sex as a rule of thumb (ok, so I'm oversimplifying, but close).

I find Jung and Adler's theories to be much more truthful, namely because they treat humans as complex individuals with complex desires. Even though I don't agree completely with all they have to say either, I still prefer their work to Freud's.

Ok...I was out of line calling the guy a crackhead, but I still don't like him.